Also known as micropigmentation…

… semi permanent make up is the enhancement of the brows, lips and eyes by using a tiny needle to implant pigments into the dermal layer of skin.

After a thorough consultation, Lisa will draw the make up onto your skin so that you can check you’re happy. The treatment will not begin until you are 100% happy with the placement and colour.

Your skin is then numbed with topical anaesthetic and your bespoke, specially blended colour will be implanted into your skin using a state-of-the-art digital machine, especially developed for use in the beauty industry.

There are very few restrictions on who is suitable for semi permanent make up. Anyone who requires perfectly shaped eyebrows, smudge free eye liner and lip colour that does not crease or run can consider having the procedure.

The implanted colour fades slowly over time and can be topped up at regular intervals. The treatment means that your make-up routine will be simplified, your confidence and self esteem increased and you can get on with your busy day to day life without constantly reaching for your make up bag!

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Would you like to have perfectly defined brows which frame your face beautifully? Would you love to be free of your eyebrow pencil? Why not consider having your eyebrows enhanced? You can choose a soft textured brow which mimics individual hairs or a stronger ‘powdered brow’ effect. If you have sparse brows or even no brow hair at all, the transformation is amazing. Check out the eyebrow gallery!


If you regularly swim or go to the gym, wouldn’t it be lovely to do these activities without worrying that your eye make up will smudge? The choice of look ranges from subtle to dramatic and are always long lasting and perfectly applied. Colour choices can be as muted or as dramatic as you like. Check out the Eyeliner gallery!


The perfect cupids bow can be difficult to create and even harder to maintain throughout the day. Semi permanent make up is the ideal choice for beautiful, subtle colour which lasts and never smudges. Lipstick bleed is reduced with the use of liner and lips appear fuller and balanced when a blush is used. Check out the Lip Liner gallery!

Meso Vytal – Cell Boost Concept Facials

Meso Vytal facials are suitable for men and women of all ages. Skin is left smooth and glowing while fine lines and wrinkles slowly reduce with the application of serum packed full of vitamins and other ingredients beneficial to the skin. Read more about this amazing new facial here!

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