We just love getting feedback and testimonials!

It’s always nice to receive kind words from happy customers. We like to show off a bit and post them up on our website so you can read them too.

Thank you for my new lips, I love them. I have been walking round pouting all day!

Think they’ll be perfect once they’ve settled down.

Hayley – Lip liner and blush

Big thank you to Lisa for being so patient with me and my “blinky eyes”!!!! I wasnt exactly an exemplary model, but she did a damn fine job. Super pleased, and a lovely lady to boot.

Polly – Eyeliner

Had my top and bottom eyeliner done with Lisa yesterday…..Lisa was amazing, was so patient and professional as eyeliner not the easiest thing to do! Talked me through everything and made me feel at ease throughout the whole treatment, would highly recommend :-) thanks Lisa!xx

Kirsty – Eyeliner

Had my eyebrows done by Lisa – amazing work, very professional and friendly! Lisa is brilliant!!

Kelly – Eyebrows

I have to say I have never been one to look in the mirror too often but since having eyeliner and lip liner today by Lisa I cannot pass a mirror without glancing! I absolutely love it, even more than I thought. Thank you so very much Lisa x

Kerry – Eyeliner & Lip liner

Hi Lisa, Eyes look great, well done and thank you!

Michelle – Eyelash Enhancement

Really like the shape and how dark they are now, hope they don’t fade too much!

Kamla – Eyebrows

Hey there, my lips are great today! Wondered if you’d like to see a pic 2 days after the treatment to see lips in cool down mode!

Jo – Lip liner and blush

Hi, I just wanted to let you know that I love the colour of my lips so much, and of course, the eyebrows too. Thanks again.

Jenny – Eyebrows & lip liner and blush

OMG! The lines between my eyebrows have GONE! Trying not to frown, it looks AMAZING!

Leigh – Meso Vytal Facial

Thank you Lisa so much for my lips, done an amazing job.. Look forward to the top up.. They’re healing nicely xx

Kayla – Lip liner and blush

I can’t believe the difference in the colour of my brows when the scabs came off! Its hard to see what they look like until they’re completely healed but wow!

Kirsty – Eyebrows