Eyebrows – Block, Powder, Hairstroke

Eyebrows come in many shapes and sizes and they are sisters, not twins. Lisa doesn’t use templates to design eyebrows, each brow is completely bespoke and designed specifically for you.

Lisa works with each individual client to discuss their requirements fully before any semi permanent make up enhancements take place. Brows are drawn on with pencil first and adjustments can be made as many times as necessary so that you are 100% happy with the planned treatment.

Please feel free to bring images of your ideal brow along to your semi permanent make up consultation.

Eyes – Liner and Lash Enhancements

Semi permanent eyeliner can dramatically enhance your natural eyelashes even when lightly applied. If you wear eyelash extensions or your natural lashes are thick and full already, the finished effect can be stunning!

You can choose to have both the top and bottom eyeliner applied or just one or the other. The liner can be thick and full or delicate and soft and this type of semi permanent make up comes in many different colours as well as classic black. If you are looking for a coloured liner, please contact Lisa before you arrive for your appointment so that she can ensure your chosen shade is in stock.

Whatever look you require, Lisa will discuss your options fully before the treatment takes place so you are completely comfortable and know what to expect.

Lips – Liner and Blush

Having your lips cosmetically tattooed can save you time during your make up routine and help stop lipstick bleed. The variations in colour available are huge and Lisa will mix the perfect pigment for you.

Some clients opt for a simple liner, others prefer a slightly blushed effect which looks more natural. If you wear lipstick daily, a full semi permanent make up lip treatment will mean never leaving a lipstick smudge on your wine glass ever again!