Semi Permanent Lip Liner in Hemel Hempstead

My Semi Permanent Lip Treatment – Part Two!

A few weeks ago I had my first semi permanent lip treatment…

…and reported back on the healing process.

I had my top up yesterday and I am so pleased with the results!

To record the event for ever-more, I made a little video for you to have a look at which contains some footage to the actual procedure.

Hope you enjoy it :)

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Semi permanent make up healed lip liner and blush

Semi Permanent Lip Liner – Smudge free lips… forever.

Semi permanent lip liner is certainly growing in popularity…

…and while it can be a good alternative to having fillers injected, it can also be a fantastic complimentary treatment.

Although many of the clients I see in the Hemel Hempstead based clinic I work from express an interest in having semi permanent lip liner applied, a much smaller proportion of them actually book the treatment when compared to semi permanent eyebrows.

Personally, I think this is because they assume it is going to be quite painful. Having had my own lips treated recently by my fellow SPMU technician Sophie D I can assure any nervous prospective clients that it really isn’t!

Semi permanent make up technicians are trained extensively in the use of topical anaesthetics to help minimise any discomfort and while the first pass of the needle can be a little uncomfortable, once the skin is broken and more of the good stuff is applied, the pain is quite literally non existent… And I am a MASSIVE wimp!

The second reason I believe clients hesitate is that they are worried they are going to be left with lips that are a single colour forever. Or that they won’t be able to change their lip colour depending on their mood.

This is simply not true. Your lips, like the rest of your skin, has its own natural colour and this influences how the pigment appears once it is cosmetically tattooed into the epidermis.

Even a semi permanent lip liner pigment which is a deep dark red in the bottle will fade by up to 50% as it heals. It will also appear almost opaque once it is healed under the top layer of skin.

While a semi permanent lip line will help to stop your traditional lipstick migrating, it is possible to cover it with a different shade which still gives you plenty of options. The over-all benefit of a semi permanent lip liner is that, as your lipstick wears off throughout the day, you will still be left with defined lips with a crisp, sharp line.

And of course, should you choose to not wear lipstick at all, the semi permanent make up pigment will ensure your lips still stand out beautifully.

You can have a look at my own semi permanent lip liner healing journey right here as I created a montage to share with prospective clients.

Semi Permanent Lip Liner in Hemel Hempstead

Finally, I wanted to address the different types of Semi Permanent make up which can be chosen. Generally, you have a choice of three types.

Lip Liner

We outline the lip completely with a strong line, a little like you would do yourself with a lip liner pencil. Imperfections in the lip line can be corrected and the cupids bow, sharply defined. Clients who opt for this treatment usually wear lipstick daily but have an uneven lip line meaning they are given freedom from carrying a lip pencil with them and re-applying often.

Lip Liner and Blush

We outline the lip as described above and blush the semi permanent pigment through the lip, about 3mm to 5mm towards the centre of the mouth depending on the clients natural lip fullness. This gives a softer result. A lip liner and blush is suitable to be worn without any other temporary colour on the lip.

Full Lip

The Lip is outlined as described above and the colour is impanted through the whole lip, well into the center of the mouth. Sometimes a small area right in the middle of the top and bottom lips is left without colour to give the illusion of fullness. A full lip semi permanent make up treatment is most requested by clients who have lost natural colour in their lip. For those people who swim or go to the gym often, this too can be the perfect choice.

I hope this blog has helped you decide whether a semi permanent lip liner treatment is right for you. I’ve added a little video clip of how the procedure is actually carried out for those people who like to research fully what is involved before committing to a treatment!

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Semi permanent make up lip liner and blush

Lipstick Tattoo = Luscious Lips!

Hello! I really had to take a few moments to show you the latest lipstick tattoo I created.

My client came to me wanting a natural looking semi permanent lipstick tattoo with a slight blush. She has the most beautiful lips to begin with so a little enhancement is all they really needed.

We chose a pigment which I know will fade to a pale pinkish tone, it will make her lips stand out a little more and if she wants to simply wear a little bit of gloss, they won’t look obvious.

Semi Permanent Lipstick Tattoo

Once I’d finished and my client looked in the mirror, it was clear that she was worried about the depth of colour. I reassured her and away she went. Later that day I received a message…

Semi Permanent Lipstick Tattoo text one

A few days later, I received another message with a picture of the healing lipstick tattoo this time…

Semi Permanent Lipstick Tattoo two days healed

I’ve since seen my client and her lips have faded even further to a beautiful soft and neutral finish, exactly what she asked for. At her second treatment we will make slight adjustments to the line and colour to give the final finish which will last for around 12 to 18 months before it needs topping up again.

Lipstick tattoos behave quite differently depending on the client. In some cases the pigment can fade to such an extent it looks as though there is no colour left. Where the client has asked for a very natural look they might decide they don’t want to have any more work done. However, it is really important to come back for the second appointment, even if the colour looks ok. It is still possible to achieve a natural look when applying more colour.

Failing to have the second treatment can mean the treated area fades much more quickly. Also, although its hard to see, often the line will be slightly ‘broken’ in places. This can be due to how the clients skin has held the pigment and even that the technician has missed a bit… yes, it does happen!

The healing process for lipstick tattoo’s is the same as for eyeliner and eyebrows. It is important to keep the area as dry as possible for 48 hours. Some clients report that their lips feel slightly chapped during this time so I always give them a little sachet of Vitamin A & D cream which helps.

On a final note, I love doing a lipstick tattoo, its so satisfying to see a clients lips beautifully defined when they’re healed. And… no more lipstick smudges on your wine glass… who could ask for more?!