Meso Vytal before and after

Meso Vytal – Cell Boost Concept

This week I’ve added a new treatment to my portfolio, Meso Vytal.

On Wednesday I learned all about this clever Cell Boosting Concept and I took a little video while I was on the course so you can see what to expect from this fabulous treatment.

First of all though, what exactly is Meso Vytal and why is it so great?

There are so many treatments and facials available now which claim to combat ageing, get rid of wrinkles and moisturise the skin but many are invasive and expensive.

Meso Vytal is a new treatment which is none of these yet remains very effective and as an added bonus, the results are noticeable after just one treatment.

So what does it actually involve?

The treatment starts with a gentle chemical peel which removes dead skin and brightens the complexion.

Once the skin is cleansed, a light serum is applied to the skin, this is pushed into the intersection between the epidermis and dermis with tiny needles where the products work to smooth out wrinkles and fine lines and fight dehydration. Meso Vytal works below the surface of the skin and encourages the body to produce natural collagen which plumps from the inside.

The process is more gentle than other skin needling treatments such as microdermabrasion as they do not penetrate as deeply.

This means that there is far less downtime. Although the skin will be slightly red immediately after the treatment, this disappears quickly and make-up can be applied and the client can go on with their daily routine.

To finish the facial, an after care product is applied. This is packed full of delicious goodies which your skin will love. The result? Your skin feels clean, fresh and smooth!

The effects can be seen almost immediately and this makes a Meso Vytal facial suitable to have before a big event to brighten and tighten the skin.

Long lasting results can be achieved with a course of treatments and the treatments are suitable for clients of all ages.

So, there you go… Meso Vytal in a nutshell!

Enjoy the video where you can see an actual treatment in progress.