semi permanent make up hertfordshire pigments and patch testing

The importance of patch testing for semi permanent make up

Why is patch testing for semi permanent make up…

…so important?

Well, earlier this week, a client who I had booked an appointment for, arrived at my Hemel Hempstead clinic ready for a new set of eyebrows.

Nothing unusual there you might think, and you’d be quite right, under usual circumstances. However, this particular client mentioned that after her patch test, she had experienced some mild stinging and redness at the site where the pigment had been applied behind her ear.

We discussed the reasons why I may not be able to treat her and she was very understanding. We decided to try patch testing with a different pigment as sometimes this can make a difference to the outcome. Sadly, she reacted to the new pigment too and once we’d had a chat and decided not to proceed, I refunded her deposit and we parted company, both of us happy with the decision and outcome.

The long and the short of it is that this is why we carry out patch testing for semi permanent make up. This is why it is so important. And this is why you should always, always, always agree to a patch test if it is offered and why you should ask for one if it is not.

If your semi permanent make up technician doesn’t offer a patch test, you should question why.

It doesn’t mean that they are necessarily a poor technician, or that their insurance won’t be valid should there be a problem. Many of my SPMU colleagues do not routinely carry out patch testing for semi permanent make up, and that is their choice.

We talk a lot about the technician’s responsibility to their client. I wholeheartedly agree that it is my responsibility to ensure my clients understand fully their chosen treatment, what is involved and what the risks are. However, it is your responsibility as the client to ensure you are 100% happy to go ahead with a treatment and also to ensure you understand your options and the problems that might occur.

Patch testing for semi permanent make up is a simple way to eliminate one of the major issues, being stuck with semi permanent make up which is sore, uncomfortable and unsightly during the healing process.

And it’s not just the look and feel that can be affected in the short-term. If you have an allergy to a product, whether it be hair dye, moisturising cream or semi permanent pigments, it can cause long-term health issues which will never go away.

Is this really the price you want to pay for beauty?

So, as a public service to my clients, here are a few images of what a negative patch test can look like… (they’re not too icky, promise!)

Semi permanent make up Hertfordshire patch test

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Semi permanent eyeliner hemel hempstead

Semi Permanent Eyeliner – How it’s done

If you would like semi permanent eyeliner to highlight your eyes beautifully…

…but are a little nervous about the process, today’s blog should help put your fears to rest.

The application of semi permanent eyeliner is actually a fairly simple task. It is one of the fastest treatments which you can have done, a top liner usually takes just 20 minutes and if you’re having the bottom liner done too, you’re usually ready to go in about 40 minutes.

Semi permanent eyeliner is a fantastic choice for those of us with busy lifestyles. Being able to swim or go to the gym without the fear of smudging your liner is great, especially if you like to do those activities before work or in your lunch break.

Being ready to head straight back to your desk with just a quick sweep of your powder brush is certainly a plus point.

Correctly applied semi permanent eyeliner really helps to define the eyes. In addition, it usually resists fading the best of all semi permanent make up treatments.

However, many of my clients tell me that, while they do want the procedure done, they are nervous about what happens and how much it might hurt.

Most people know that we use topical anaesthetics to numb the area which is to be cosmetically tattooed, pain isn’t really the issue here.

It’s the sensation of the needle vibrating close to the eye and the way in which your skin must be stretched during the treatment which is sometimes a little difficult to get use to.

Having carried out many semi permanent eyeliner treatments, I am aware of these two facts. I always explain to my clients what I’m doing, well before I actually do it. I know that lying on the couch with your eyes closed can make you feel a bit vulnerable and my aim is always to make the treatments as relaxing as possible.

Once my client has had their eye drops administered, I ask them to close their eyes. They then keep them closed for the duration of the treatment. I apply anaesthetic to the lid and under eye area and allow several minutes for it to begin to work.

During this time I usually chat to my client and tell them what I am doing. When I begin the treatment, and before I touch the skin with the needle, I explain that I will place pigment in the first lash or two so that my client can feel the sensation before I get going properly.

I encourage my client to tell me if they’re uncomfortable, have any concerns or if they need a break. I find this approach means my client is as relaxed as possible and I can complete the application of the semi permanent eyeliner more quickly.

Of course, there is no substitute for actually seeing how semi permanent eyeliner is applied so I’ve added a short video to this blog so you can see for yourself exactly what happens!

You will notice the technician uses a combination of side to side and tapping motions to implant the coloured pigment into the lash line. The lid is stretched and held taut to help keep the line straight and occasionally the client is asked to open her eye during the procedure. All these techniques are completely normal and are necessary to ensure a nice crisp, symmetrical liner.

I hope you enjoy the video :)

Meso Vytal before and after

Meso Vytal – Cell Boost Concept

This week I’ve added a new treatment to my portfolio, Meso Vytal.

On Wednesday I learned all about this clever Cell Boosting Concept and I took a little video while I was on the course so you can see what to expect from this fabulous treatment.

First of all though, what exactly is Meso Vytal and why is it so great?

There are so many treatments and facials available now which claim to combat ageing, get rid of wrinkles and moisturise the skin but many are invasive and expensive.

Meso Vytal is a new treatment which is none of these yet remains very effective and as an added bonus, the results are noticeable after just one treatment.

So what does it actually involve?

The treatment starts with a gentle chemical peel which removes dead skin and brightens the complexion.

Once the skin is cleansed, a light serum is applied to the skin, this is pushed into the intersection between the epidermis and dermis with tiny needles where the products work to smooth out wrinkles and fine lines and fight dehydration. Meso Vytal works below the surface of the skin and encourages the body to produce natural collagen which plumps from the inside.

The process is more gentle than other skin needling treatments such as microdermabrasion as they do not penetrate as deeply.

This means that there is far less downtime. Although the skin will be slightly red immediately after the treatment, this disappears quickly and make-up can be applied and the client can go on with their daily routine.

To finish the facial, an after care product is applied. This is packed full of delicious goodies which your skin will love. The result? Your skin feels clean, fresh and smooth!

The effects can be seen almost immediately and this makes a Meso Vytal facial suitable to have before a big event to brighten and tighten the skin.

Long lasting results can be achieved with a course of treatments and the treatments are suitable for clients of all ages.

So, there you go… Meso Vytal in a nutshell!

Enjoy the video where you can see an actual treatment in progress.

Semi permanent make up lip liner and blush

Lipstick Tattoo = Luscious Lips!

Hello! I really had to take a few moments to show you the latest lipstick tattoo I created.

My client came to me wanting a natural looking semi permanent lipstick tattoo with a slight blush. She has the most beautiful lips to begin with so a little enhancement is all they really needed.

We chose a pigment which I know will fade to a pale pinkish tone, it will make her lips stand out a little more and if she wants to simply wear a little bit of gloss, they won’t look obvious.

Semi Permanent Lipstick Tattoo

Once I’d finished and my client looked in the mirror, it was clear that she was worried about the depth of colour. I reassured her and away she went. Later that day I received a message…

Semi Permanent Lipstick Tattoo text one

A few days later, I received another message with a picture of the healing lipstick tattoo this time…

Semi Permanent Lipstick Tattoo two days healed

I’ve since seen my client and her lips have faded even further to a beautiful soft and neutral finish, exactly what she asked for. At her second treatment we will make slight adjustments to the line and colour to give the final finish which will last for around 12 to 18 months before it needs topping up again.

Lipstick tattoos behave quite differently depending on the client. In some cases the pigment can fade to such an extent it looks as though there is no colour left. Where the client has asked for a very natural look they might decide they don’t want to have any more work done. However, it is really important to come back for the second appointment, even if the colour looks ok. It is still possible to achieve a natural look when applying more colour.

Failing to have the second treatment can mean the treated area fades much more quickly. Also, although its hard to see, often the line will be slightly ‘broken’ in places. This can be due to how the clients skin has held the pigment and even that the technician has missed a bit… yes, it does happen!

The healing process for lipstick tattoo’s is the same as for eyeliner and eyebrows. It is important to keep the area as dry as possible for 48 hours. Some clients report that their lips feel slightly chapped during this time so I always give them a little sachet of Vitamin A & D cream which helps.

On a final note, I love doing a lipstick tattoo, its so satisfying to see a clients lips beautifully defined when they’re healed. And… no more lipstick smudges on your wine glass… who could ask for more?!